Pool Covers

Pool Covers


As part of our extensive swimming pool services, Surrey Swimming Pools offers a wide range of pool covers to fit any size and design.

The right swimming pool cover will minimize heating costs and maintain hygiene levels; reduce evaporation of heat; protect your pool from leaves and other debris; and provide a less dangerous environment for children and animals.

We will tailor your chosen cover to the exact specifications of your pool.


Essential to keep heating bills down and extend the season, we offer a variety of different cover options ranging from solar blankets and winter debris covers through to fully automatic slatted covers.


Effortless and Elegant – Profiled, top quality, PVC slats float on the surface of your pool providing excellent heat retention properties.

This is a computerised system that is programmed to stop in exactly the right place every time at the press of a button. Our popular energy saving solar slats will add 4 to 8 degrees Celsius to your pool depending on the season and geographical location.

Available in translucent (indoors only), solar, white, grey, cream and blue. Roman ends, inset spas and special shapes can all be catered for.


Solar covers come in a large range of thickness and design. They can be cut to any shape and size and can be hemmed in many ways. For a price please call or email with the dimensions of your pool. Download Brochure.

Tahiti 400 micron solar blanket

In light blue and matching underside or dark blue with a reflective silver underside. Weight 368g/m2, comes with a 3 year pro-rata warranty.

500 Micron solar blanket

In dark blue and matching underside of jade with reflective gold underside. Weight 460g/m2, comes with 4 year pro-rata warranty.

600 Micron solar blanket

In blue with silver underside which offers extra heat retention. Weight 564g/m2, comes with a 5 year pro-rata warranty.

Diamond Aluminium

A400 micron cover with a highly reflective aluminium based underside. Diamond cell shaping offers improved insulation compared to standard bubble shape. Weight 450g/m2, comes with a 3 year pro-rata warranty.


Heat retention covers are ideal for indoor pools where solar gain is not as important or if a tougher cover is required. These can also be hemmed for longevity. Please contact us with measurements for a price. 

Solar Weave

A 400micron solar cover that has a tough tear resistant top surface. It has a good heat retention quality with a semi-transparent colouring that allows solar gain.


A 400 micron cover that has a reinforced top coat with extra uv protection. It is extremely tough. Weight 540g/m2 Comes with a 3 year pro-rata warranty.

Thermalux 6mm foam

Has a tough woven top surface and laminated underside. Weight 350g/m2 Comes with a 4 year pro-rata warranty.

Thermalux 12mm foam

Laminated on both sides and is suitable for spas and hydrotherapy pools at temperatures up to 40degC.


A winter cover is essential to cope with the number of leaves we have in this country. Each cover is made to measure and can be formed to fit any pool. 

We sell 3 different levels of cover. Variations.


Made from woven polyethylene with reinforced corners,anti-chafing straps and stainless steel fixings at approximately1.2-1.5m centres.

Criss Cross

As the maple but with webbing straps stitched across the full length and width of the cover for extra strength.


As the maple but includes a tough PVC skirt stitched to the underside of the perimeter and fixing approximately 1m centres.

Please contact us for prices.


Aquaguard is a wonderful product that has a huge number of advantages whether fitting to a new pool or retro fitting to your existing pool.

  • Remove the key and your pool is locked. No unauthorised access is possible.
  • No rainwater or sunlight can get in so your chemical and heating bills are reduced.
  • The cover is driven by a hydraulic system, not electricity. Suitable for any shape pool.
  • Available in an array of colours.
  • No need for a winter cover.
  • Water stays crystal clear all year round even with low levels of chlorine.

Please call to arrange a site visit and quotation.


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